Episode 61 - Lindsey Byrnes

Picture This. On this episode we speak to Los Angeles based photographer and creative director Lindsey Byrnes Lindsey who freelances in time travel, world exploration and directional marketing. When it was discovered that Lindsey was an uncredited hand clapper on an Grammy Nominated album her representatives said that they cannot deny these allegations.  Lindsey's specialty is her unique ability to blend in while simultaneously standing out.Along with documenting life of those around her she is an established commercial photographer and creative director with a pethora of campaigns under her belt for the likes of Chanel, Nylon, Hard Rock Cafe, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Wildfang, Good Dye Young and many others.  View more of Lindsey's work here www.lindseybyrnes.com Please support the Mark and Me Podcast here https://www.patreon.com/Markandme

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