UK Filmmaker Patrick Ryder talks to me about his latest work, inspirations, The X Files a more

Patrick Ryder is a director, producer and writer who has won multiple awards for his short films. His latest two releases are Human which has won 9 awards now and Chimera, featuring Andrew Lee Potts which is up for multiple awards and will be screened at Cannes film festival. A busy man, Patrick also has another film already in post-production - The Code - which focusses on a small band of British soldiers in WW2.  Patrick is a very keen film fan himself, and this shows in his work. With inspirations such as Spielberg, Patrick is aiming high, and hitting! He kindly took time out to chat with me about his latest films, as well as chat about many other film and tv like X Files, Ready Player One, (no spoilers), and of course - The Muppets. Sit back and chill with this latest episode!! Support the show (

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