Filmmaker Peyv Raz joins me to talk about his new film Clarity

Sit back and enjoy me talking with indie film writer/director Peyv Raz. We discuss his ideal actors to work with, why he hasn't seen Dunkirk yet, but most of all about his first feature film Clarity which is as described below. It was released last week on VOD and an emotional and gripping story which I feel is very relevant in today's world and great that the subject matter has been addressed and in such a a great way. Written and directed by Peyv Raz, this feature film debut is a gripping drama, that is intriguing and entertaining with an incredible finale.  Would you be able to include a mention of the film that comes out today with it's poster and trailer on your site? It you could squeeze in an interview with writer/director Peyv Raz or actor/producer Nadine Velazquez that would also be amazing. Review screeners are also available upon request. ​We have attached a listing release with all details and here is the dropbox link to stills, trailer and key art: TITLE: CLARITY VOD AND DIGITAL HD RELEASE DATE: August 22, 2017 DIRECTOR: Peyv Raz WRITER: Peyv Raz  CAST: Nadine Velazques, Dina Meyer, Maurice Compte, Tony Denison, Dana Melanie, Lourdes Narro SYNOPSIS:  When 22-year old Maggie (Dana Melanie) falls fatally ill with a rare kidney disease, her adoptive mother, Sharon (Meyer) must find her birth mother to save her dying daughter.  The family begins to unravel as Sharon discovers the baby she 'adopted' so many years ago, was bought - a victim of a human trafficking scheme.  Estranged, emotionally ravaged Carmen (Velazquez) grasps for any thread and travels to Las Vegas to meet the girl who may be her daughter.  What she finds is more than she bargained for and faces the ultimate question: how far do you go for love.   GENRE: Thriller/ Drama DISTRIBUTOR: Vision Films Support the show (

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