Pegasus Bridge Cast a Crew talk to me about the new series

Pegasus Bridge is an upcoming film from Lance Nielson. It focuses on the British side of D-Day, and follows the 6th Airborne Division. This interview is with Lance Nielsen, the writer and director, Jake Francis, who plays Richard Todd, Alex Tabrizi, Producer and also plays Private Cunningham, and Sharon Sorrentino the casting director. From Lance Nielson on imdb page In the early hours of the 6th of June 1944 Allied Airborne Forces launched one of most daring assaults in history. 181 men in 6 gliders landed at night to capture two bridges vital to the success of the D-Day landings, one of these would become known as Pegasus Bridge. The men who captured and held these objectives were led by two young charismatic and very different leaders. Major John Howard led the men of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry who managed to land their gliders a stone's throw from the bridge and Colonel Geoffrey Pine-Coffin led the men of the 7th Parachute Battalion who occupied the surrounding ground and held off the German counter attacks. Pegasus Bridge tells the story of these leaders and the young men who would follow them into battle. This film is a grand tale of real wartime heroism-the story follows an ensemble cast of key characters from their initial briefing on the operation in the UK and training through to the actual assault on the bridges, their capture and the desperate defence that followed in the immediate twenty-four hours. It is told not only from the British perspective but also through the eyes of the first French family to be liberated, the sweethearts left behind and several key German characters who were responsible for the defence of the area. As the British paratroopers and glider infantrymen struggle to hold off the ever increasing number of German forces will they will be relieved from the sea in time? Support the show (

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