Implementing Performance Management Tools at Your Organization

This is your HR News Flash, your briefing on talent management and the world of work from HRCI. HR leaders should engage in frequent performance management feedback and conversations. Here is how to thoughtfully implement performance management tools and processes at your organization. First, align performance management with your culture. Incorporate feedback from the workforce to implement tools and processes that work within your organizational culture. Align your company’s cultural norms with your performance metrics and feedback. Second, create a communications plan. Analyze organizational data to create a targeted communications plan. Integrate survey information from the workforce and focus groups to determine any areas of resistance. Lastly, continuous refinement. Continually review your approach and communication plan. Frequent communication with managers and employees are a good source for the enhancement of any performance management plan. Changing your performance management processes requires time, thoughtful approach and execution to refine and adopt the new process.  This concludes your HR News Flash. HRCI prepares HR leaders for the digital age. Thanks for listening. Check back soon for the workplace news you need. Learn more at

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