Principles of Employee Data Protection

This is your HR News Flash, your briefing on talent management and the world of work from HRCI. Data is one of the most valuable company assets. Failure to effectively protect sensitive employee information puts an organization at risk in the event of a data breach. Here’s how to establish effective employee data protection practices: First, create a data safety committee. Develop a committee that is dedicated to governing all of your organization’s assets. Meet at least once a year to review data practices. They should be able to anticipate changes and their impact on employee data safety. Second, develop data protection policies If employees know exactly how their data will be used and stored, they will be more likely to consent to data collection. Always ask for consent when gathering and storing employee data.   Lastly, data safety education. Working toward baseline data proficiency is vital for preventing the misuse of data. Establish concrete policies for requesting and distributing data. Employees at all levels should have enough data proficiency to raise questions and concerns. This concludes your HR News Flash. HRCI prepares HR leaders for the digital age. Thanks for listening. Check back soon for the workplace news you need. Learn more at

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