Reskilling to Improve Employee Performance

Automation is set to affect countless organizations over numerous industries in the next decade. In fact, a report by McKinsey predicts that up to 375 million workers worldwide will have to learn new skills by 2030. With that much at stake, it’s important to get a head start. To capture peak performance, it’s up to you to reskill your workforce. Here are three items to consider when developing reskilling programs to help your organization and employees prepare for the future. Thanks for listening, and check back next week for the workplace news you need. HRCI prepares HR leaders for the digital age. Learn more at Check out each week’s “HR News Flash” briefing on your Amazon Alexa and the HRCI YouTube channel. #hr #workplace #hrtech #CareerExploration #WorkForceDevelopment #SkillsGap #LastMileTraining

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