238 - Sink or Swim with Garrett Gillespie

Leave it to a young buck to set a fast pace! Garrett Gillespie, a brand-new REALTOR® in Mount Airy, Maryland, has hustled his way into the real estate industry and just earned his license. Listen in to hear Garrett share his crazy story and how he balances work, school, and fun - and hear about his bright future ahead in real estate and politics. Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting https://leighbrown.com. If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription. Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:00 - Introducing Garrett, a brand-new REALTOR® 01:15 - He’s based out of Mount Airy, Maryland, and became licensed at 18; he’s been in real estate for 4 years working with his mom 03:00 - He loved the fast-paced environment and enjoyed getting to know the business under his mom’s mentorship 05:30 - How Garrett strikes a balance at work 05:55 - He puts work first right now but is also going to school full-time and paying for it with his real estate commissions 06:15 - He puts his work first and is always there for his clients  07:45 - HIs biggest challenge  08:05 - It was hard to gain respect and trust at first; he makes sure he makes a great first impression 09:10 - People just want the best person for the job and Garrett’s determined to show that he is that person 09:50 - Garrett’s CSIRE story 09:55 - A couple of months ago, they were a few months into a short-sale transaction 10:20 - The agent called Garrett and told him that a car had run into the house; a woman had been texting and driving and ran into it but the story didn’t make sense 12:40 - His client decided to leave and got under contract for another property 14:15 - Garrett’s dream; he sees himself always doing real estate but he wants to become a lobbyist and get into politics 15:55 - The lobbyists and advocacy team at NAR are top-notch 16:35 - How to reach Garrett: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 3 Key Points Find a healthy balance between work and everything else.  Make a good first impression. You need a REALTOR® — not just the internet.

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