237 - Sex-Powered Real Estate with Nancy a Bill Jamison

Real estate is sexy, after all! Nancy and Bill Jamison, podcast hosts, coaches, and REALTORS® in and around Atlanta, GA, explain how they use sexual energy to power their real estate business. Listen in to hear Nancy and Bill share the surprising way sexual energy fuels their client relationships and strengthens their professional partnership, and learn why they practice orgasmic meditation once a week (for the business, of course!).  Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting https://leighbrown.com. If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription. Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:00 - Introducing Nancy and Bill, REALTORS® in and around Atlanta, GA who have been in the business for almost 20 years 03:30 - They both have a background in the restaurant industry; Bill is the go-getter and Nancy is more about systems, processes, and management  05:35 - Business powered by sexual energy 05:55 - They use sexual energy to power their business; it’s a cornerstone of Jamison a Co.  06:30 - They practice sex and sexual energy for the purpose of manifestation; it’s unconventional but allows for energy not to be flatlined 08:05 - If you aren’t synchronized in the bedroom, you won’t be synchronized anywhere else 09:30 - The Bill and Nancy connection 10:15 - They didn’t always have the connection they do now; they used to only talk about deals in bed 11:30 - 2009 was their “shit year” and they decided to go on vacation to rekindle their relationship and reconnect with their driving energy 15:00 - They found a master coach, attracted a great group of people, and realized how co-dependent they had become 17:15 - How they market their business; everything is energy and everything is already there 17:50 - People pick up on the energy; the marketing is not necessarily sexual 18:10 - They host an Orgasmic Meditation Class every week; it’s an intentional business practice that powers and fuels the business intentions  19:45 - Their CSIRE story 20:40 - They’ve walked in on porn sets and crack smokers, sex rooms and dildos 21:55 - They haven’t had any clients try to sleep with them; their clients are attracted to the uplifting and charged energy  23:35 - Their referral rate is 87%; their clients are lifelong and they know that it’s all about the relationship  25:30 - How to find Nancy and Bill: Jamison a Co., on Instagram, or by email at sexmoneyrealestate@gmail.com; also check out their podcast Sex Money a Real Estate 3 Key Points If things aren’t going well at home, they won’t go well anywhere else.  Find a like-minded community.  Take care of yourself and your mindset first.

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