199 - Things Got Dog-Sh*t Messy... Literally - Rock Thomas

Are you owning up to your mistakes and milkin’ the lessons out of them? Rock Thomas, a farm boy turned investor, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire sure has, and he’s here to share why nobody cares more about your money than you do. In the past, he has let his emotions and ego run the show, and when they did, things got dog-shit messy — literally. Listen in to hear why Rock sees his mistakes as investments in himself - and learn about the massive opportunities he’s creating amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting leighbrown.com. If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in  Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:40 – Introducing Rock, a farm boy turned podcast host, bestselling author, motivational speaker, investor, entrepreneur, and millionaire 02:10 - He invests in student housing; he’s in a mastermind of people dedicated to passive income vehicles and a man had broken the strategy down to a science 03:10 - The guy figured out how to renovate places quickly and efficiently; Rock gave him resources to scale his business from $8M/year to $120/M/year in 4 years 04:00 – Rock’s CSIRE  04:50 - Usually people say not to wait to buy real estate, but in this case, he recommends waiting to see how this pandemic shakes out 05:15 - Rock got good in real estate, then he got cocky; he ended up getting burnt and having to repossess a property that had 26 dogs 06:00 - There was poop everywhere and she had an indoor pool that wasn’t taken care of so there was mold everywhere; his emotions led to more bad decisions to try and make up the money 06:20 - The lesson 06:30 - Respect your rules and principles; do your due diligence and don’t get greedy or careless 07:00 - Nobody cares about your money more than you do 08:50 - He’s made some mistakes along the way and has learned to be resilient and careful 10:30 - When you don’t win, you can still learn and get equipped with wisdom 11:12 - Pause and determine how you respond; don’t just respond 13:30 - Own and pay for your mistakes; learn from them and make better decisions down the road 14:40 - Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid to not be in the game 15:10 - What he’s doing now during the coronavirus outbreak 15:15 - He’s picking oranges, bought an industrial machine, and has freshly squeezed juice daily 16:05 - He’s playing golf, meeting professionals on the course, and choosing to thrive 16:40 - He’s doubling down on his rituals, healthy habits, and stock play 17:30 - How to reach Rock: the #IAMMovement podcast, his website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube 3 Key Points: As emotion goes up, intelligence goes down. Respect your rules and principles. Nobody cares about your money more than you do. 

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