188 - The Power of Intuition - Brandon Martens

Have you ever just felt like something was...off? Brandon Martens, a REALTOR® of 14 years in Sioux Falls, SD has - and follows his intuition accordingly. He shares the crazy story of showing a home to a couple that had been married three times - to each other - and what he did when something just didn’t feel right. He learned the power of his intuition that day, and now teaches his team and his clients the importance of having safety protocols in place. Listen in to hear the ways Brandon keeps the people he cares about safe - and learn why it’s so important to get educated and involved in politics today.  Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting leighbrown.com. If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in  Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription.  Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:00 – Introducing Brandon, a REALTOR® of 14 years from South Dakota; he wants to leave the industry better than he found it 03:40 – Brandon’s CSIRE story 02:40 - When he first started, he did whatever he needed to in order to make a sale 03:50 - He was contacted for a foreclosed house on a minimum maintenance road (aka dirt road)  04:22 - The couple was on their third time being married to each other; he stopped at the kitchen and the whole thing felt “off”  05:00 - He followed his intuition; the people bought the house, a year later the woman left a message for him and was asking about the house’s issues 05:40 - She had left messages and he answered on the third call; it was two AM  06:05 - The mortgage person turned real estate agent at their office showed Brandon an article; the husband and wife had committed double suicide 06:35 - Listen to your intuition and implement a policy to keep safety first 07:40 – Lessons and takeaways 08:00 - Safety first and follow your intuition; take care of people but not at your own expense 09:15 - If you’re going to carry a gun, be trained 09:50 – How he educates buyers and sellers on safety procedures 10:15 - He gives his team “points” for a driver’s license on file; he also suggests they have an initial meeting in a public place  11:30 - Use your agency disclosure as a talking point to make sure they understand it 12:25 - Consumers don’t understand the whole process like REALTORS® should 13:20 – On politics 14:00 - Brandon’s involved in legislation; they discuss rent control and how it kills property values 14:50 - They have part-time legislatures, a transfer tax, and occasional legislation that tries to get pushed through  16:30 - They are adding a new high school and are re-districting; that affects property values and clients  17:30 - Invest so people have a voice and seat at the table 18:20 – How to reach Brandon and his team 18:30 - Through his website www.inrealtygroup.com, by email at brandon@inrealtygroup.com 3 Key Points 1.) Safety first!  2.) Follow your intuition.  3.) Use your agency disclosure as a talking point.

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