S3 / E102 Violence In Paradise: Stalking Talia

Talia was stalked by a violent man experiencing homelessness.   After moving into her Venice Beach apartment, Talia encountered a man living in the alley outside her building who began threatening her.   He blasted loud music from the alleyway, yelling and screaming hateful things at all hours.   Talia armed herself with pepper spray and a taser before getting support from police with an Emergency Protective Order.   When returning home one day she saw him ride toward her on his bicycle and reach into his backpack terrifying her.   Talia screamed for him to stay away and pepper sprayed him. He replied with profanities and told her he was going to kill her before jumping off his bike to attack her.   Talia’s neighbors intervened and they were able to fend him off before the police arrived and took him into custody. DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORY TO SHARE? E-MAIL US strictlystalkingpod@gmail.com RATE US As a listener of Strictly Stalking please leave a review and rate us FIVE STARS on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strictly-stalking/id1494237083

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