How to Keep Employees Safe During Covid-19

She's the president and CEO of the National Safety Council. Her job is to help organizations prevent injuries and deaths. Imagine how much more challenging that is in the middle of a pandemic! In this episode Russ Hill and Jared Jones talk with Lorraine Martin about the work she's doing at the NSC and what she's learned from leading during disruptions in her previous senior leadership role at a Fortune 100 manufacturing company.To get daily content and interviews about leading during this disruptive times subscribe to this series and get daily content tap on the subscribe button in this podcast app.Here are some of the links from the show:Register for FREE Live Online Event: Leading Through UncertaintyLink to register: with Lorraine Martin on LinkedInConnect with Russ Hill on LinkedIn Connect with Jared Jones on LinkedInVisit our website: Partners In Leadership the podcast:How do you lead during a period of significant disruption - like the coronavirus? The team at Partners In Leadership share their insights from coaching and consulting leaders around the globe for more than three decades. 

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