Episode 214 - The Language of Those Who Win

Adopting and incorporating the language of those who win is essential for becoming our best and changing the results we get in our life, both personal and professional.     Those who consistently win have a certain dialect of conviction, of confidence that whatever they set out to do is going to result in victory. They figured out the power of self-mastery and they’re champions of mental toughness.     In today’s episode, Thomas Blackwell, one of our Master Trainers a International Speakers, and an expert in the language of those who win, talks about identifying and celebrating the good moments in every situation. He has some great motivational examples that are meant to prove that anyone can gain victory after victory, regardless of the outcome or the industry we’re in.     Listen to Episode 214 of Becoming Your Best to learn that you should never give up on your goals and if you always apply the power of knowledge, you can live a life by design, enjoying your wins every day.     In this episode, you will learn:  The quality that separates amateurs from professionals, in any industry. (03:38)  How to identify and celebrate victories, regardless of the score. (06:54)  The story of Daniel Ruettiger – the star of Rudy, the #1 sports motivational movie in the world. (07:55)  A real-life example of doing more doing than thinking. (13:43)  Dan Gable’s winning philosophy. (16:49)  What you can do to implement the language of those who win. (23:57)  Becoming Your Best Resources:  Becoming Your Best Website  Becoming Your Best University Website  Get your Becoming Your Best Planner using the promo code “20planner25”  Free template for pre-week planning  Becoming Your Best Library  Email: support@becomingyourbest.com  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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