Episode 195 - Our American Dream; Cultivating a Life of Success, Joy, and Purpose

Are you one of the people from all around the world, wishing to live the American Dream? When you don't have much, there's a level of desire and persistence that evolves. As an immigrant born in India, Andrew came to the United States, with one purpose: to help and positively influence the people around him, and he’s done that for over 30 years now.  He encourages entrepreneurs to take calculated, bold steps in the direction of a pure and humble purpose because focusing just on making money, won’t bring the fulfillment we’re all looking for.  Andrew Samuel is the Chairman and CEO of LINKBANKCORP, Inc. and also LINKBANK, and has a long track record of industry success. He has helped take banks from insignificant to really being listed on the Nasdaq Global Market and has been involved in the Mergers and Acquisitions of more than 10 companies, with an aggregate deal value surpassing $1.5 billion. Andrew has shaped workplaces that are listed as the best to work at in their region, and created cultures centered around servant leadership. Andrew lives in the Central Pennsylvania area, with his wife of 36 years. They are blessed with five daughters, four sons-in-law and 12 grandchildren. He says that our nation allows us to be whoever we want to be, as long as we put hard work into it. So, don’t miss Episode 195 of Becoming Your Best, to listen to the successful story of a skinny poor little kid from India that came to America and was able to do whatever he set his mind on.  Questions I ask: Andrew, tell us about your background, including turning points in your life that have had a significant impact on you, on what you're doing today, and on your experiences. (02:07) What are some of the favorite principles or ideas, for you, from this book? (14:28) What have you found is the best way to eliminate distractions? (16:40) How do we learn to serve others when we live in a world where everyone wants to be served? (19:34) Do you mind just talking about boldness and how does that play out in our success? Why is it important? (24:23) In this episode, you will learn: How Andrew and his family made profit out of cow dung. (03:42) How Andrew decided to write his book, “Our American Dream” and what is the idea behind it. (09:52) One valuable principle from the book. (14:33) Andrew’s favorite chapter of his book. (15:28) What are the two parts that “Our American Dream” is consisted of. (19:03) Connect with Andrew: Andrew Samuel - Our American Dream: Cultivating a Life of Success, Joy, and Purpose LinkedIn Facebook Page See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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