Episode 186 - Be Brave and Do Amazing Things!

In order to get the results you want in your business, you've got to have people bringing 100% of their greatness. It's not rocket science, yet, we still really struggle to figure out how to do that.  Human beings are infinitely more complex than any machine out there, and we require special care to activate our greatness. So, what is it that people really need to thrive? On today’s episode, I have an amazing talk with Moe Carrick, about the human needs in the workplace and how the old Industrial Revolution model of management has lost its efficiency. Moe Carrick helps brave people do the hard things that make organizations great and benefit people, their partners, the environment and the community. She is a best-selling author, with two books released, „Fit Matters” and „Bravespace Workplace”, and she is the founder of Moementum. Moe believes that people make organizations great, and she always seeks to help people build their companies and thrive. So, whether you’re a leader or an employee, listen to Episode 186 of Becoming Your Best, to find out ways to improve your workplace, so that everyone is more efficient and happier. Questions I ask: Why did you decide to write Bravespace Workplace? (06:25) What do we need to do to unleash the genie? (08:55) What is at stake for leaders, in terms of the people part of their business? (12:10) What are you being brave about, right now? (19:36) How can people find out about what you're doing? (22:57) In this episode, you will learn: All the turning points that have led Moe down to the path she is on today. (01:50) The reasons why she wrote her first book, “Fit Matters”. (07:00) Where she found the inspiration for the subtitle, “Making your company fit for human life”. (09:53) Examples from Moe’s book, that will help leaders attract and retain the people they hire. (14:35) The results of Google’s Aristotle Project and what does that mean. (18:14) Connect with Moe: Website Bravespace Workspace Website Fit Matters Website LinkedIn Instagram See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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