The Importance of Leading With A Vision

Do you want to create a team culture by design or by default? A culture by design only happens when you have a clear, compelling vision in place.  A clear vision is what drives leadership and action in an intentional direction.  But have you taken the time to create a vision for your team?  ...your family?  ....yourself? In this episode we will walk you through the process for creating a compelling vision in all three areas of team, family, and personal.  Leading with a vision is Principle #2 of the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders and it's one of the most important because without a clear vision your efforts can quickly lead you off track or be diluted from focusing in too many directions. In this episode, you will… Discover why a clear vision is a critical piece of the puzzle for creating team alignment Learn why creating visions for your team, family, and yourself is essential  Learn the four question process for creating a vision that creates buy-in from your team Realize that a personal vision is the seed of your legacy [Tweet "Having a clear vision is characteristic of highly successful leaders we’ve seen over and over again."] SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST EPISODE RESOURCES Get the 12 Principles Becoming Your Best Book Breakthrough Leadership Conference Becoming Your Best Website Becoming Your Best Podcast Becoming Your Best Blog Becoming Your Best iTunes See for privacy and opt-out information.

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