(Episode 155) "Tell Me Who I Am" Alex and Marcus Lewis and Director Ed Perkins.

Alex and Marcus Lewis have lived a life that, without exaggeration, has probably never been experienced by any two brothers who have ever walked the earth.  Their story starts in 1982, when Alex, who was 18 and growing up in Sussex, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Hitting his head during the crash after losing his helmet, he slipped into a coma, only to wake up in the hospital without any memory of anything — except for the fact that he recognized Marcus, his identical twin. For the next few years, Marcus helped his brother regain a sense of who he was: This is where we live. These are your friends. This is where we’d go on vacation. This is your mother and father. It was an incredibly touching gesture on Marcus’ part, essentially serving as the memory bank for two brothers as he helped Alex regain a sense of himself and the life that he had lost.  Except, Marcus wasn’t telling his brother the entire story. A photograph Alex stumbled upon in their house triggered something in the young man — a sense that something wasn’t quite right. And when he confronted Marcus, it set in motion a series of revelations about their past that Marcus had hoped he could keep from his twin. But there was no stopping that now.-Mel Magazine. Meet the incredible Alex and Marcus Lewis.

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