(Episode 35)-Director- "The Astronaut Farmer"-Michael Polish.

Immensely talented Director Michael Polish is known for having an amazing and gifted cinematic eye. His casting choices are without question, some of the best in cinema. Michael has directed Billy Bob Thornton, James Woods, Nick Nolte, Jon Gries, his beautiful and talented wife Kate Bosworth, Daryl Hannah, Garrett Morris, Virginia Madison, Bruce Dern, Claire Florani and so many more He also has a keen eye for talent casting diamonds in the rough in the amazing Ben Foster and Max Theirot. Michael's ability to find the perfect balance of cinematic score, casting, writing, and direction are some of the best I have ever seen in my lifetime and make Michael, in this Film Historians eye, one of the best directors on the planet.  Michael talks about his influences in cinema the most powerful being Sergio Leone.His movies include Northfork, Twin Falls Idaho, Big Sur and Astronaut Farmer to name a few.Michael and Kate's newest and potentially most powerful movie is NONA.   Meet Michael Polish.

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