Ep. 251 - (Group Learning Program) - Chapter 13 - Identifying Cravings: Cultivating Non-Craving and Analysis of The Mind

(Group Learning Program) - Chapter 13 - Identifying Cravings: Cultivating Non-Craving and Analysis of The Mind

In your pursuit of Enlightenment, it is highly beneficial that you develop this most important skill.

"The Ability to Identify Your Own Cravings through Analysis of The Mind” then developing a plan to eliminate the cravings, desires, and attachments.

The Path leading to the elimination of discontentedness and the suffering it causes involves the "elimination of cravings". Because we cause our own discontentedness through cravings/desires/attachments, to eliminate discontentedness we must eliminate our mental cravings.

But how could you eliminate them if you do not know how to identify them?

In this Podcast, David will teach you what is craving/desire/attachment, how to identify them, and how to eliminate them to attain a peaceful, calm, serene, and content mind with joy.

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