347: The Power of REAL Practice to Transform Yourself as a Speaker [In-Person Speaking Series]

We’re continuing our podcast series to help you up level your in-person speaking skills.

Imagine you’re standing on stage, looking out at the audience, and feeling 100% confident in your content and delivery. 

You’re moving fluidly, getting into your stories, engaging with your audience, and feeling connected to them.

You can absolutely do this - but it takes the *right* kind of practice.

Most speakers practice the wrong way. The result is that they rely on their notes, their nerves get the best of them, and they stand like a statue and don’t move around (or even worse, they see-saw in place).

Doing the right kind of practice can make all the difference, which is what we’re talking about with our retreat clients Dr. Nicole Rochester, Terese Bottner, and Debby Kerr-Henry for a roundtable discussion on how they’ve transformed as speakers.

You’ll learn:

  • Our embarrassing moments on stage

  • Why most speakers practice the wrong way and what to do instead

  • Developing stage presence

  • Getting more comfortable using the stage

  • Feeling confident *not* using notes or a script

  • The impact of practicing on our stage and getting feedback at our in-person retreat


This is the audio from a live show we did last week. You can watch the video on LinkedIn or YouTube.


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