Episode 20: Researcher Sarah Kimmel on the Future of the CLO Role

This is a conversation you won’t hear anywhere else. Technology is indisputably transforming learning. Artificial intelligence and powerful data and analytics tools are becoming more widespread. The scope of learning in the organization is growing, and sometimes shrinking, as a result. There’s a creeping sense of unease in the CLO role, with the future both uncertain and full of opportunity. It's understandable if learning executives are feeling a little bit shaky. Fortunately, Sarah Kimmel, vice president of research for Chief Learning Officer magazine, has some data to light the way. For the second year in a row, her research team conducted an in-depth survey and deep analysis of data from current and future learning executives to uncover the path forward. In this conversation, Sarah unpacks the results to provide insights for the future of the CLO role. Along with podcast co-host Justin Lombardo, they put the findings into context for day-to-day practice. Key topics include what skills are rising and falling in importance, how CLO roles are structured, how learning and talent management fit together and whether or not CLOs are falling into an aspiration gap. Show Notes: 2019 CLO Role of the Future Executive Summary Panel Discussion Video from Fall 2019 CLO Symposium. Podcast Producer: Jesse McQuarters.

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