Episode 10: Nissan's Jim Irvine on Culture and Learning

Despite years of experience and a wealth of research on practice, learning organizations still stumble when rolling out development programs on a global scale. Quite often, culture is the cause. Mandates and directives from headquarters fail to take into account the nuances of work at the local office. But it’s not just geography or nationality that can sink a global learning program. Internal cultures play a significant and often underestimated role. Even within a single company, there can be scores of different cultures spread across divisions and functions, each with their own norms and rules. Engineers are different from salespeople, IT and HR don’t always align. Jim Irvine, global program manager for learning and development at Renault-Nissan Alliance, knows the challenges firsthand. With operations in nearly every country in the world, his learning organization grapples with the geographic diversity of culture daily. But they also have learned to recognize and work through internal cultures as well. In this podcast recorded live at the CLO Breakfast Club event in Nashville, Jim shares why culture is such an important consideration for learning organizations and why lack of budget and power are no barrier to being an effective learning leader. Plus, co-host Justin Lombardo shares his biggest mistakes when it comes to culture and what they taught him about being a more effective learning executive. Thank you to our episode sponsors: This episode of the CLO Breakfast Club Podcast is brought to by DXC Technology. DXC Technology human capital management solutions are powering the next-gen workplace. Learn more by visiting dxc.technology. This episode is also brought to you by Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and BetterUp. Learn how you can partner with Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business create a one-of-a-kind executive development program for your leaders at choosegeorgetown.com/clo. Help your organization cultivate a coaching culture with BetterUp, the industry’s first mobile platform that provides personalized coaching at scale. Learn more by visiting betterup.co.

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