Episode 7: Citi's Cameron Hedrick on Changing Behavior

Cameron Hedrick wasn’t always on the path to being a chief learning officer. His career has taken twists and turns and includes stints as a stock broker and in sales and marketing roles. He even took a swing at being an entrepreneur and running his own company before settling into senior HR roles at New York-based financial giant Citi. It's not all business either. When Cameron first moved to New York City after college he earned money playing trumpet in jazz combos around town. And despite the many years between his time as a working musician and now, when he leads Citi’s learning and development organization, Cameron has never forgotten the lessons he learned from his time in the jazz clubs of New York. The ability to create something new and original on the fly as an ensemble is an experience that continues to inform his work in developing talent. In this podcast recorded live on stage at the City Winery in New York City, we talk to Cameron about the improvisational nature of organizational learning, the need to help others constantly evolve so they don’t become obsolete and how chief learning officers need to champion behavior change as much if not more than they emphasize transferring knowledge across the organization. This episode of the CLO Breakfast Club podcast is brought to you by BetterUp. Learn how you can cultivate a coaching culture with the industry’s first mobile platform that provides personalized coaching at scale by visiting betterup.co.

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