How to Promote Well-Being on Project Teams

Project professionals can help promote well-being in the workplace, making a positive impact on not only their own and their team members’ performance but also their overall mental health. We discuss this with: 

Marilena Koliavasili, PMP, project manager, Intracom Telecom, Athens: Koliavasili discusses how she defines employee well-being, practices she uses to maintain her own and her team members’ well-being, and how emotional intelligence, empathy and psychological safety can help people better promote well-being for teams. Plus, she shares how project professionals can support team members who are struggling with wellness and well-being.  

Jonas Ng, PMP, project coordinator, Exos, Singapore: Ng discusses how each project team member faces different challenges to maintain their well-being, ways he boosts his own and his team members’ wellness and well-being, why project professionals should prioritize their teams’ health and strategies to do so. In addition, he explains how to balance getting project work done with caring for his and his team’s well-being.

Key Themes

[00:52] Employee well-being’s impact on performance and overall mental health

[02:03] What is employee well-being—and what elements can make it difficult to maintain it?

[05:02] Practices to promote positive well-being on project teams

[10:10] How emotional intelligence, empathy and psychological safety help build strong relationships with team members

[13:37] Ways to support team members struggling with well-being

[16:08] Well-being challenges are different for each project team member

[18:13] How leaders can boost their own well-being

[20:08] Why project professionals should prioritize well-being for their teams

[23:17] Ways to help remote team members

[24:05] Balancing project deadlines and deliverables with team well-being

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