#2346 - Garage Organization Greatness | Smart Furnace Selection | Genius Fix for Tile Replacement

Show Notes: - Garage Organization Tips: Fall is the perfect time to get your garage organized and make room for off season storage. Tom & Leslie share tips to get your garage ready bikes, bats, lawnmowers and more. - Smart Tips for Purchasing a New Furnace. Whether your old furnace is shot, or you want a more efficient upgrade, buying a new furnace should never be an impulse buy. We’ll have tips for making smart choice to restore heat without burning a hole in your finances. - Ingenious Trick for Replacing Broken Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to care for, but what happens if one ceramic tile breaks, and you can’t find a replacement? We’ll share a trick-of-the-trade for a fast fix up. Plus, answers to home improvement questions about: - Deck Stain Won’t Stick. Get tips on how to restore deck stain that peels off shortly after its applied. - Bees Buzzing Your Food. If you’re frustrated by bees that buzz your outdoor meals or those of your pets, Tom shares a neat trick for keep them away from the food. - To Fix or Not to Fix a House You’re Selling. Find out why it may or may not make sense for you make repairs of improvement to your home before putting it on the market. - Crawlspace Ventilation. We help one listener sort though some potentially bad advice from a contractor with a conflict of interest. - Roof Repair Costs. We walk Rochelle though the process of figuring out if an estimate she received for repairs to her roof makes sense and share a resource where you can search for the average cost for hundreds of projects as a guide to determining if your estimate is in line. - LP Siding: John has a house with a siding that’s been the subject of a major class-action lawsuit. Toms explains the issues with deteriorating LP Siding, and a strategy on how to deal with it in a real estate transaction. - Hot Water Delays: Find out why it can take a long time for hot water to arrive when the tap is turned on. - Best Floor for an RV: Learn why today’s luxury and ridged vinyl plank floor products may be a perfect choice for an RV. - Spider Infestation: Johnin Delaware needs help dealing with a sever infestation of spiders in every room of his house! Tom walks him through the best options to make them bug out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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