578: 180 Degrees of Boutique HR - The New Org Chart

578: 180 Degrees of Boutique HR - The New Org Chart


Here’s what we’re talking about in this episode:


  • The importance of building a successful team: Lise discusses the importance of having a long-term, productive, and satisfied team and the challenges of achieving this in the current industry.

  • Typical employees in boutique fitness: Lise breaks down the typical employees in boutique fitness, including front desk workers, practitioners, and managers, and discusses the challenges associated with retaining them.

  • Different stages of studio development: Lise outlines three stages of studio development, from Studio 1.0 with an owner-operator to Studio 3.0 with multiple locations and an owner-investor, and the roles needed at each stage.

  • The importance of a marketing director: Lise emphasizes the critical role of a marketing director in sustaining steady growth of leads.

  • The role of a regional director: Lise explains the importance of a regional director in ensuring that sales managers in individual studios perform well.





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