Sugar and Spikes

We’re into a third year of this pandemic and the UK is reporting record numbers of Covid cases. How worried should we be and what do we still not know? Adam hears from the BBC's health editor, Hugh Pym, and the World Health Organization’s Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, who says there’s hope yet for a healthier 2022. Meanwhile, with a decision imminent on whether Virginia Giuffre’s US lawsuit against Prince Andrew will be allowed to continue, what does this ruling mean for the Duke? And Newscast is back with a boss. Lord Alan Sugar is on to tell us about how well British businesses have dealt with Covid, the latest series of The Apprentice, and the death of the Blackberry phone. Today’s Newscast was made by Daniel Wittenberg with Georgia Coan and Rachel Judah. The studio director was Emma Crowe and the assistant editor was Alison Gee. The editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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