A conversation with Jack Shantry a Daniel Norcross on Umpiring and the Laws of Cricket

Jack Shantry is a former left-arm seam bowler who played for Worcestershire. He is currently a National Panel umpire in the UK.  Daniel Norcross is a cricket commentator on BBC Test Match Special. In this conversation we discuss the laws of cricket and umpiring, and how they constitute the game. Daniel talks about the difficulties arising from having to communicate a subtle, complicated, and often arbitrary set of laws to new audiences. Jack speaks from an umpire's perspective about why certain laws are the way they are, which laws bother him (the answer is most interesting) and where the switch-hit and the lbw law might lead cricket. We also discuss whether batsmen should be out LBW after an inside-edge (its not as mad as it sounds). Jack Shantry tweets @JackShantry Daniel Norcross tweets @norcrosscricket I tweet @cricketingview This conversation was recorded on December 16, 2020. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cricketingview/message

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