How Bestselling Author & TV Producer Dwain Worrell Writes

Bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter, Dwain Worrell, spoke to me about making the move from the writers' room to the cafe, the art and science of suspense, and his debut novel ANDRONE. Dwain Worrell is an award-winning Marvel and Disney+ TV producer, filmmaker, and novelist whose writing credits include Marvel’s Iron Fist, CBS’s Fire Country, Amazon Studios’ The Wall, and the Disney+ series National Treasure, among others. Dwain also worked as a translator of Mandarin Chinese in Beijing for nearly a decade. His bestselling debut novel, Androne, is described as a “... near future … highly cinematic and propulsive story [centered] around a terrifying event called the Ninety-Nine, where all major military installations on Earth [are] eviscerated, heralding humanity's start of a war with an unknown enemy.” Niels Arden Oplev, Director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo called the book “A crazy-cool ride into the unknown …. [Androne] reads like a high-end videogame on steroids with a destiny of Shakespearean magnitude.”        Publishers Weekly wrote, “... taut intrigue … reels readers into a thrilling yet thoughtful narrative about the futility of war and the cost of doing the right thing…” [Discover The Writer Files Extra: Get 'The Writer Files' Podcast Delivered Straight to Your Inbox at] [If you’re a fan of The Writer Files, please click FOLLOW to automatically see new interviews. And drop us a rating or a review wherever you listen] In this file Dwain Worrell and I discussed:  Making the move from screenwriter to novelist during a WGA strike How he discovered theater after having his basketball dreams dashed Why writing for TV is harder (and easier) than prose The inspiration that went into his latest sci-fi thriller Our mutual love of Hans Zimmer soundtracks Hanging out with Shakespeare at Chili’s And a lot more! Show Notes: Dwain Worrell - IMDb Behind the Science of Writing Good Suspense - Writer's Digest Androne By Dwain Worrell (Amazon) Dwain Worrell on Instagram Dwain Worrell on Twitter Kelton Reid on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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