#96 The Hgb bump: Mind the Gap Segment

Have you ever thought about where the 1g/dL hemoglobin appropriate bump after 1 unit of pRBC transfusion? How does the patient's intravascular volume affect this? What rise in hemoglobin should you expect? What factors can impact this?

Show notes, Transcript and References:  https://www.coreimpodcast.com/2022/01/05/1-to-1-prbc-bump…-the-gap-segment/

Time stamps

  • 01:22 Unpacking the question 
  • 01:55 The math 
  • 04:32 Functional hemoglobin
  • 08:50 Donor and Patient 
  • 11:18 Scenarios
  • 12:58 Summary
  • 14:34 Clarification 

Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, hemoglobin, intravascular volume, irradiation, donation

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