Should my kids be entrepreneurs?

In today’s wild workplace your kids may have already seen your disappointment in having a traditional job. Maybe they’ve already experienced their own frustration at making $18 an hour and not being able to afford a car and an apartment. Is it risky to encourage them to do something more creative - without the guarantees and security of a “real job”? How do you teach them to be responsible? What if all they have are creative skills that are tough to turn into income?  Well, we’re going to walk you through a listener question and then lay out a plan for helping your kids see their best options. And if you’re the parent - having these same questions yourself - today’s your lucky day. We’re going to walk through how to test yourself - and any idea you want to create the work and life you want - starting today. So, grab your cup of tea - or maybe your Mt. Dew - and get ready for a power-packed episode filled with practical advice, inspiring stories, and valuable resources to help maximize your contributions - and clarify how you can help your kids be their best. Questions:  1. If I was your child, how would you teach/encourage me to be an entrepreneur without merely telling me, “You just gotta do it.”?  2. Why are profits better than wages?  3. What are the three reasons people never act on their dreams to achieve the financial independence they desire?  4. Is there a game I can play with my kids to teach them about business? I’m going to end with a letter from a Dad that will rip your heart out - with the regrets of what he taught his son. Get direct links to the resources mentioned on this podcast including my Entrepreneur Readiness Quiz, in the podcast show notes at Sign up today at and use code 48DAYS to get $20 off your first order.​ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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