Simplifying Sustainable Home Design and Construction

Hello! This is Episode 223, and in it, I’m going to be sharing one of Year 3’s most popular episodes and continuing our celebration of 5 years of the “Get it Right” podcast. This episode was from Season 10 of the podcast, which was called “Industry Insiders”. Season 10 is a great season on the podcast, packed full of conversations I had with industry professionals from both Australia and the USA. If you haven’t listened to it, I’d encourage you to check it out. We had a fantastic range of guests with loads of expertise to share. This rebooted episode was Episode 4 of that Season, and it’s a conversation with Jenny Edwards and Sarah Lebner, from Light House Architecture + Science.  These incredible women are both passionate about great design, sustainable homes, and achieving both in an affordable and accessible way. And they’re both amazing in the advocacy and education work they do to assist homeowners and industry colleagues well beyond their client base. It’s a great conversation jam packed with actionable info. You can grab a full transcript of this episode as a free PDF download - which wasn’t available the first time I released it. Plus I’ve got info about other helpful links and resources related to this topic.  Just head to Be sure to grab the PDF transcript so you can file that away and review this episode as needed. Now, let’s dive in! SHOW NOTES: If you’re struggling with understanding the overall steps for your project, what you should be focussing on and when, or how to best invest your efforts, energy and money to get a great outcome in your future home, I’ve created something super helpful for you. Access my free online workshop “Your Project Plan” now >>> This free workshop will really help you understand the best steps to take wherever you’re at in your project, and how you can avoid some serious and expensive mistakes.  Plus, I’ll share with you what to focus on and when, so you know you’re getting everything in order for a successful project and beautiful home. And you’ll get access to some great bonuses as well. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, head to >>> Access my free “Your Project Plan” online workshop and awesome bonuses now >>> Access the support and guidance you need to be confident and empowered when renovating and building your family home inside my flagship online program >>>   See for privacy information.

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