Why and How to Invest, with Tom and David Gardner

There's no substitute for being invested with skin in the game in the world at large. In this weekend conversation, Co-founders of The Motley Fool Tom and David Gardner explain why.
In this discussion the Gardners cover:
- How investing fits into the pursuit of becoming smarter, happier, richer
- The importance of being a lifelong learner and investor
- Using index funds and how to approach buying individual stocks
- Two core Motley Fool approaches -- Rule Breaker and Everlasting investing philosophies
- Setting the right expectations for returns
- Mastering the mindset of investing and managing volatility

If you aren't already a listener, check out David Gardner's Rule Breaker Investing podcast at RBI.Fool.com
And you can follow Tom and David on Twitter @TomGardnerFool and @davidgfool.

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