Taking a Kazakhstand

Why's it kicking off in Kazakhstan? Protests over fuel prices have got ugly and the government’s cracking down. So what does it mean for this former Soviet country? Newsnight’s International Editor, Gabriel Gatehouse, is back to explain.   Henry Dyne hasn’t had a great time of late. First, he got Covid and ended up in hospital. Then he got death threats from anti-vaxxers. Henry joins the BBC’s Disinformation Reporter, Marianna Spring, to talk Covid conspiracy theories.   South Korea’s been showing off its new military gear. Laura Bicker, the BBC’s Seoul Correspondent, tells us about her G-force training – and how she just about managed to avoid vomiting over some very expensive equipment.   Today’s Newscast was made by Daniel Wittenberg with Ben Cooper, Georgia Coan, Rosie Blunt and John Murphy. The studio director was Emma Crowe.

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