UFYB 218: New Year’s Resolutions are Perfectionist Fantasies: A Conversation with Victoria Myers of the Nourishing Women Podcast

Have you ever achieved a goal in the hopes that it would make you feel more confident and less anxious, only to find yourself a week later, asking, “uuh…now what?” If you’re expecting your New Year’s resolutions (or any other achievements) to change how you feel about yourself, you are misunderstanding how your brain works and setting yourself up for disappointment.


In this episode, Victoria Myers of the Nourishing Women Podcast joins me to discuss why you have to address the thoughts behind your resolutions if you want to create a new relationship with yourself. This is required listening for any of you who are considering setting big goals in 2022!


Get full show notes and more information here: https://unfuckyourbrain.com/218

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