At Home Cold Survival Kit, Regaining Your Sense of Taste and Smell

It seems that the cold is widely circulating this winter season.

After helping friends and coaching clients bounce back and regain their lost sense of smell, I thought you might benefit from this short science summary.

Video, Images and Full list of Resources:

In brief, we discuss the importance of prophylactic cleansing of your nasal passages with real salt and liquid iodine.

Equally important, we explore red light therapy and zinc as tools to restore the olfactory dysfunction that seems to occur after this cold.

Last, but certainly not least there’s evidence to suggest prolonged olfactory dysfunction may signal increased risk for cognitive decline and future dementia, especially in APOE4 carriers.

Hope you find this short video and associated references helpful!

Episode Time Stamps:

0:22 The cold is going around

1:13 Vitamin D and A are important, it’s tacitly implied you’re taking these nutrients

1:52 Iodine is helpful, for pre and post exposure prophylaxis

3:12 A liquid iodine solution that doesn’t stain

3:49 NeilMed nasal rinse is amazing, so many applications

5:15 Zinc, the olfactory bulb and loss of smell and taste

5:40 Loss of smell, taste and APOE4 genotype

6:49 Physiology of smell loss and infection

8:35 Great interview about cognitive decline and olfactory dysfunction w/ Lew Lim, PhD

10:00 Loss of smell: a warning of future cognitive decline?

10:58 Zinc and sense of smell study

12:18 Zinc Glycinate and Zinc Taste Test

13:35 How Zinc gets depleted with exercise and sauna therapy

14:37 Light Therapy and smell

15:23 Portable Red Light Therapy device

16:23 Intranasal red light applications

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