The Best of Mark Levin - 1/8/22

On the Best of Mark Levin, the left will subpoena all of Donald Trump's children, and anyone else they can to cover up for Speaker Pelosi's dereliction of duty to keep the Capitol building safe. They will pretend that Trump is the greatest threat since the Civil War, but it's the Democrat Party and Pelosi that is the greatest threat to democracy. This country has seen 4 presidents assassinated, it's seen Black people prevented from voting because of Democrat Jim Crow laws, and yet the Democrats will try and trick you into believing that whatever they say is the biggest threat to democracy. What the Democrats have done to the Constitution and the presidency during Trump's term is the biggest affront to this republic's history. Then, a radical group focused on the secession of Puerto Rico, opened fire inside the US Capitol Building shooting 4 US Congressmen in 1954. The Weather Underground set off a bomb at the Capitol in 1971. In May of 1972 leftwing terrorists set off a bomb outside the State Department. Democrats, however, will not call these attacks an insurrection or the biggest threat to democracy, will they? January 6th, 2020 wasn't the best day in the history of our republic, but it sure wasn't the worst. Democrats can't make the case that there was a violent terrorist attack on January 6th because it would lead back to Nancy Pelosi. The media is pushing this narrative, along with Critical Race Theory, the unceasing attacks on all things Donald Trump, and the unequal justice that we saw in the Russian collusion hoax. It's the left that uses phony TV experts to repeatedly paint Trump as an evil dictator despite having any proof. It is the Democrats that celebrate the attacks on police officers while supporting lawlessness in minority neighborhoods, promote the censorship of parents in public education and advance transgender policies in public schools rather than focus on educating children academically. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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