Sarah Stern: “The Mysterious Box” | MURDERISH Ep. 099

Daydreaming about coming into a sudden windfall is probably something we’ve all done. We let our minds wander for a brief moment, thinking of all the things we’d accomplish if it happened, and how happy we would be having received such a rare treat. Who would you share the money with if it happened to you? Your family, a stranger in need …your best friend? It’s a happy thought, but sometimes the reality can be much darker because money also motivates some people to do terrible things. In this case, curiosity led to the opening of a mysterious box. From that point on, the clock was ticking …on someone’s life. Check us out: Visit for more info about the show and Creator/Host, Jami. The website also has links to buy MURDERISH merchandise and become a Patreon supporter. Patreon subscribers can get access to exclusive Patreon-only episodes. To sign up for Patreon perks, click “Go Behind the Scenes” on the website OR click here for a direct link to our Patreon page Let’s get social: @MurderishPodcast (Instagram), @MurderishPod (Twitter), search “Murderish podcast” (Facebook). CrimeCon: Visit to buy your badge to attend the event. Use code MURDERISH for 10% a Standard Badge. Hope to see you there! Sponsors: - Ritual: Visit 10% off of your first three months. - Stamps: Visit, click on the microphone at the top of the page, and enter promo code MURDERISH for a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale. - Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the App Store or Google Play. - Wondery: Follow Families Who Kill: The Donut Shop Murders on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or binge all six episodes ad-free by subscribing to Wondery Plus in Apple Podcasts or the Wonder app. - TruBill: Visit to start saving money now on unwanted subscriptions. Want to advertise on this show? We’ve partnered with Cloud10 | iHeartRadio to handle our advertising requests. If you’re interested in advertising on MURDERISH, send an email to Sahiba Krieger with a copy to Sound design: Justin Hellstrom. Music: Some of the music in this podcast was composed by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams Research & Writing: Lincoln Edgemon. Jami’s other podcast: Follow Judgey & Juryish wherever you listen to podcasts & on Instagram @JudgeyJuryish. Remember, listening to this podcast doesn’t make you a murderer - it just means you’re murder...ish. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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