Gwyneth Paltrow Interviews Jay Shetty ON: Daily Actions to Build Life-Changing Habits & Training Your Mind to Break Old Patterns

This is a special episode of On Purpose where Gwyneth Paltrow sits down with Jay Shetty in her goop event held at the Porsche Design Center in Los Angeles with only 150 people in the audience. We get to listen to Jay’s journey as a monk and his career shift after leaving monkhood, how we can condition our mind to find strength and happiness, and what can help us learn how to appreciate our step by step journey.  

Gwyneth is an American actress and lifestyle innovator. She won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Shakespeare in Love in 1999, and later appeared in Iron Man and other films from the Marvel franchise. Her lifestyle brand, goop, was launched in 2008.

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What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:17 From being a monk to a life coach
  • 05:28 Why mini experiments are important in our lives
  • 08:23 The more choices we have, the worst mistakes we make
  • 10:05 Learning how to find stillness in discomfort
  • 13:50 Why our minds are compared to monkeys
  • 16:49 When you wake up to notifications, negativity, news, and noise
  • 22:03 Committing to a 2-hour daily meditation
  • 25:51 The types of meditation 
  • 28:28 Appreciating where you are in life
  • 31:06 Create dreams through people
  • 33:28 The most powerful dreams are linked to service and impact
  • 35:07 When is the best time to switch?

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