Kiera Bergman // 343

In August of 2018, a 19-year-old woman went missing from her home in Arizona. As police began digging deeper into her case, it became more and more clear that she had been met with foul play. When her body was found on a remote stretch of desert weeks later, their suspicions were confirmed. But was her boyfriend behind it? Or is it possible there was another mystery man involved? This is the story of Kiera Bergman. BONUS EPISODES Apple Subscriptions: Patreon: CASE SOURCES 1. AZ Family: 2. Our Black Girls: 3. AZ Central: 4. ABC 15: 5. Still a Mystery: 6. YourTango: 7. AZ Central: 8. Impact: 9. Refinery 29: 10. AZ Central: 11. ABC 15:,or%20at%20the%20crime%20scene. 12. CBS: 13. Justice for Kiera Facebook: 14. ABC 10: 15. AZ Family: 16. ABC Family: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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