'General Hospital' for April 27th - May 1st, 2020 Recap a After Show: Sam McCall: Busybody

Charlotte overhears Laura and Lulu talking about Valentine not fighting for custody of her.  Worried that he father is leaving town because of her, Charlotte leaves home and runs to Crimson where she finds Nina and Jax embracing.  Charlotte yells at Jax to leave Nina alone.  Nina and Jax talk with Charlotte and Nina also calls Valentine and Lulu to let them know where Charlotte is. Valentine arrives first and is able to talk to a Charlotte and tell her how much she loves her.  Charlotte begs how to stay with her.  Lulu arrives and Nina talks with her to give Valentine more time with Charlotte.  Afterwards, Valentine and Charlotte talk and agree that they need to do better as parents for Charlotte. Brando goes to Charlie’s to get food and runs into Sam and Kristina.  Molly sees him talking to her sisters and as he leaves the restaurant she wants to know if she’s said anything to her sisters about sleeping together.  Brando says no and heads back to his garage and let’s her know her car is ready. Molly tells her sisters she slept with Brando. Kristina says she’s happy for her and Sam is concerned.  Molly says she loves TJ and wants to be with him.  TJ meanwhile is picking up the car at Brando’s garage.  Brando and TJ talk about the car and a little about Molly but Sam arrives after and sends TJ off with the car.  She stays and lays into Brando about staying away from Molly.  Brando had no intention of messing with Molly and resents Sam sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.  Molly arrives shortly after and sends Sam home and stays to let Brando know that she made her choices the night they slept together and apologizes that everything played out the way it did. Brando goes to Sonny’s to meet with he, Dev and Jocelyn.  Sonny says the kid’s stay at home situation is over and they can go out with their friends like normal. He also tells Brando he can return to Chicago.  Brando tells Sonny he’s changed his mind and wants to stay in Port Charles. The reason Sonny feels confident letting Dev and Jocelyn resume their normal lives is that he meet with Cyrus and struck a deal that Cyrus can live in Port Charles but none of his product can run through the city.  Cyrus agreed to this because he wants Sonny to think he’s won but instead plans on taking out Jason. Finn goes to talk with Chase and Chase fries to convince him that he and Willow are over because he slept with Sasha.  Finn doesn’t believe it and gets Chase to admit the truth - that he and Sash did this so Michael and Willow can be together and take care of Wiley. Fin says that Willow’s choice is based on a lie and that Chase needs to fix it before it goes to far. Chase agrees but when Willow shows up at his apartment he sticks with the original lie. Carly shows up at the Metro Court and sees Sasha.  Michael told Carly what has happened and after taking with Sasha she realizes that this was all a set up to get Michael and Willow together.  Carly tells Sasha not to confirm this because then she would know and have to tell Michael the truth.  Instead she tells Sasha that a woman that would do something like that has her respect. Nelle also hears about what has happened with Michael, Sasha, Chase and Willow and when she sees Michael in the park she said floats a deal by him that she will let Michael see Wiley once a month and every other holiday and will also drop the lawsuit against his grandmother if he agrees with her custody terms. Michael angrily reacts the offer and once again realizes he must make sure he wins sole custody of Wiley. Frank Moran (@happygojackie) Carla Renata (@TheCurvyCritic) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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