Leading in a Non-Linear World: Building Wellbeing, Strategic and Innovation Mindsets for the Future

In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast, I spoke with Jean Gomes, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of Outside. Our conversation centred around Jean's fascinating new book "Leading in a Non-Linear World: Building Wellbeing, Strategic and Innovation Mindsets for the Future."

Jean shares powerful insights from the latest scientific research on how our mindsets shape our realities. He explains that our mindsets are comprised of the frames we hold, the assumptions we make, and how we feel physically and emotionally in any given situation. Our mindsets act as a broker between our inner and outer worlds, mediating how we make sense of ourselves and navigate uncertainty.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Introduction & highlight

01:30 - The Role of Mindset

02:00 - Defining Mindset

03:30 - Mindset as a Broker Between Interior and Exterior

05:40 - Measuring Interoceptive Accuracy

06:30 - Physical Intelligence as a Resource

08:20 - Emotions as Signals

10:08 - Meeting People's Needs in Organizations

11:00 - Shifting to a Sufficiency Mindset

12:30 - The Role of AI in Meeting Needs

14:10 - Driving Change Through Partnerships

15:12 - Understanding Middle Managers

16:32 - The Power of Awareness in Leaders

17:53 - Chapter 3: Well-being and Inclusive Cultures

18:27 - Improving Team Well-Being

19:02 - Fostering Inclusive Cultures

22:06 - Strengthening Mind-Body Connection

23:51 - Achieving Flow States

25:41 - Learning From Experiences

27:13 - Conclusion: Bringing Mindset Into Organizations

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