Think and Grow Rich: The Power Of The Mastermind with Rolando Archila

What would you do if you tripled your income?

While that is a thought-provoking question, I think the real question we should ask ourselves is: Who do I need to become in order to triple my income?

We all have the ability to achieve those results, but not everyone has put in the work to create the habits, rituals, and routines that are needed to do so. 

In this week’s episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, I am privileged to feature Rolando Archila, a badass M1 member and entrepreneur, who not only tripled his income but also recently hit the Whole-Life Millionaire mark!

Rolando is a nomadic entrepreneur, creative storyteller, real estate investor, and marketing strategist. A global citizen—born in Guatemala, educated by Austrians, careered in the US—he is passionately driven to maximize his personal freedom, his impact on the world, and his creative potential every day.

Rolando joined M1 in 2020 with the expectation of upgrading his circle of influence in order to reach the next level.

What he got was so much more! In the space of two short years, Rolando was able to think bigger, create authentic relationships, invest in real estate, create an epic crypto portfolio, TRIPLE his income, and hit the millionaire milestone!

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