Top 2020 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True

“We don’t have time to get healthy…Being fit and not having diabetes or underlying health conditions won’t help you against this ‘new’ virus,” they said. Well, it turns out many of the ideas we shared in 2020 are now true and being healthy is no longer a conspiracy, data shows. 

Hope you enjoy this breakdown!

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0:01 Intro: summary of unrealistic expectations created by the media that have destroyed careers, relationships and trust in our institutions

LINK: COVID-positive nurses say they're being pressured to work while sick, and they're petrified of infecting patients

10:25 #1 Everyone’s risk of dying is the same. About 80% of COVID 19 deaths in the USA occurred in individuals over the age of 65.
13:55 #2 Nutrition and exercise have nothing to do with the virus.
17:05 #3 Use cases to gauge the trajectory of the pandemic.
19:05 #4 Mandates and restrictions are the solution. NYC, LA and Seattle are leading the nation in new cases, proving that restrictions do not work.
14:40 #5 We don’t have time to get healthy.
28:18 #6 All masks are equally effective. We know this is not the case.
30:00 #7 Media fear mongering does no harm.
33:23 #8 The indirect effects of COVID to young people are less harmful than the direct effects of COVID.
36:29 #10 The virus is going to be eradicated, just like smallpox and polio.
38:39 #11 Promoting healthy living causes vaccine hesitancy.
430:19 #12 “Natural immunity is not durable,” they said. Wrong
42:25 #13 People in the hospital are there because they have COVID.
43:50 #14 Closing fitness centers and gyms will help flatten the curve.
34:59 #15 Closing schools is a good idea. School can be an escape from abuse for some children.
46:25 #15.5 Lockdowns were necessary. The virus was spreading months before lockdowns were implemented. It was not going to be kept out. There were many unintended harms.
47:54 #16 Voter ID is racist, but a vaccine passport is equitable. Selective policies apply in one context but not others.
49:30 Public health is designed to maximize the quality adjusted life years of a population.

Link to the video and notes:


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