#196: Ketone-IQ™ Official Launch

Did you know that our ancestors had better metabolic health than we do today?

It’s no secret: our metabolism is under attack. Caffeine is overstimulating us. Sugar and artificial junk are contributing to insulin spikes, energy crashes, and long-term health problems.

In the past, we used to eat less sugar, move around more, and enjoy the benefits of ketones, an ancient metabolic superfuel. When we’re out of sugar and pushed to our metabolic limits, we create ketones to fuel our brains and bodies.

Ketones take you to a place where everything flows: a calm, gentle, and clean boost of energy without the jitters or sugar crash. Elevated ketone levels are proven to support athletic performance, mental clarity, recovery, and more. And fun fact: ketones produce 28% more energy than sugar alone! 

At H.V.M.N., our mission is to use the best of modern technology to help us return to our ancient roots and spend more time fueling with ketones. Because ketones are so promising, the Department of Defense awarded us a $6 million contract to continue our research.

After over a year of hard work, we are proud to introduce you to our latest innovation: Ketone-IQ™️. This new drink quickly elevates your ketone levels, helping you achieve next-level metabolic health and performance.

Each bottle of Ketone-IQ™️ contains 10 servings, designed to be taken daily. 

With Ketone-IQ™️, everyone can experience the magic of ketones, whether you need an extra boost for your workout or a little more focus to power your workday. And you can achieve these benefits without fasting or restricting carbs, unlocking ancient energy on demand.

Speaking of demand, Ketone-IQ™️ is a sellout risk—over 30,000 people joined our waitlist! Try Ketone-IQ™️ before it goes out of stock by visiting the H.V.M.N. website. You can also find us at select Sprouts locations in Southern California.

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