The Border Crossed Us

The Border Crossed Us is led by Jon Ayon, an AMR team member who conducted field research to gather the stories of peoples and Tribes at the southern settler colonial border between the United States and Mexico. This political border was drawn with no respect for the Indigenous peoples that live there — with land claims that predate both colonial governments. Now families and cultures are separated on either side. There are current cultural and religious permits in place for Native peoples to cross the border, but crossing remains a complicated and formidable challenge as border control determines which reasons are legitimate- often with no knowledge of traditions. Only in recent history has Indigenous migration been restricted and disqualified as a human right. An Indigenous future means free movement because heritage transcends borders. This is about the protection of the sacred: sacred land, sacred relations, sacred sovereignty and sacred traditions that require a sense of place and home. Our relationality does not end at a structural, colonial boundary. 

We would like to include a trigger warning for violence and sexual assault which appears in some of the stories. If you are listening with younger children, or would like to avoid hearing for your own sake, we offer warning within the episode and encourage you to skip portions at your own discretion. 

Due to complications, this episode was taken down. It’s been reevaluated and recut. We apologize for any confusion, so thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy the rerelease.

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