Why Speed in Business Matters with Jay Baer

85% of customers say that speed is a critical factor in their brand loyalty. The pandemic in particular made us realize how much time and speed actually matters to us. But, what happens when we don’t receive the correct amount of speed and responsiveness from companies we’re wanting to buy from? You’re about to find out in this episode!

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In this episode, Chris invites Jay Baer back onto the show to talk all about his latest book, The Time to Win: How to Exceed Customer’s Need for Speed. Jay explains the meaning behind why “responsiveness = revenue” and what us business owners can be doing to increase our speed in customer interactions for the long-term.

Episode Timestamps

  • [06:18] - Getting back in-person and the reawakening experience
  • [11:16] - Jay’s new book, The Time to Win
  • [14:35] - The writing process behind the book
  • [16:33] - The meaning behind “responsiveness = revenue”
  • [18:28] - If you cost your customer’s time, it will cost you money
  • [22:52] - The circumstances where you can be too fast
  • [24:33] - What the “Right Now” means
  • [27:20] - One assumption majority of business owners make
  • [30:02] - Responding without answers
  • [33:39] - The uncertainty gap is the difference between what you know about your business and operations, and what the customer knows

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • Why speed and responsiveness is more important than ever before
  • The importance of having relevancy as early on as possible
  • When you’re too fast, it can actually decay trust
  • In every customer interaction, there is a perfect amount of elapsed time

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