⛰️ Empowering Dads and Getting the Big Stuff Right (ft. Dr. Meg Meeker)

We’ve been awfully excited about this one. 

Today’s guest is Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker is an author, pediatrican, international speaker and a global leading authority in child-father relationships. In particular, she is a huge advocate of dads!

In this episode, Dr. Meeker paints a picture of what dads can be. Sadly, fathers today have been mocked, berated and depicted as incapable by the media and strong political agendas. Dads find themselves pushed to the sidelines but longing for more. 

Dr. Meeker will empower and equip you to be everything your family needs you to be…and more!

Show highlights include:

  • Dr. Meeker’s “Triple A” treatment for great relationships with your kids
  • How good dads became the casualties of the feminist movement
  • The worst thing wives can do to their husbands
  • What parents should do in terms of screen time and busy kid schedules 
  • Why faith is vital for raising great kids

???? To celebrate this incredible episode, we want to equip one good dad with everything he needs to lead his family in health, fitness and faith. 

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