Two new non-alcoholic drink options: Meet Fora + Isla from Casamara Club (ft. Jason LaValla)

For our fun Friday episode, Jason LaValla isn’t standing still with the success of Casamara Club.

Turns out leisure soda is a thing and people are looking for tasty, non-alcholic drinks to try. Whether they’re subbing out booze once in a while, or for good, but still want to have an interesting thing to drink to discuss and enjoy.

Casamara Club is rolling out two new flavors: Fora and Isla. Fora is a red drink, with Strawberry and other notes. Isla is a complex and mild ginger drink.

Although we’re neighbors, this is first time since the pandemic we’ve caught up with Jason on the air.

If you remember that episode — well, you’re one of our very long time listeners. And thank you.

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